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Missing Mom

I think a lot of us are missing Mom right now. For many of us, this is the first time that we’ve been told we can’t see Mom. Then there are those who have no other choice but to miss Mom, because she’s gone.

My heart is with all of you.

Something I've come to realize though, is that Mom’s love will always stay present in your life, whether she’s near, far or in spirit. By seeking experiences you know they would love, being the things you admire most about them, and creating with their magic in mind, you can always feel them close to you.

When I moved to Nova Scotia in 2016, my Mom drove with me here from Manitoba - we had the best time. She came to visit

every few months and I would go home often, usually between every semester of University. It was easy peasy... now not so much. With travel restrictions in place, I don’t know when we will reunite again. Such is life I guess, and just because things aren't going as planned, doesn't mean they aren’t going to be absolutely beautiful.

I have been bringing my Mom’s loving energy to my everyday life by showing up professionally to my small business. If you know my Mom Patti, you know she is incredible at whatever she does, especially in the professional world. Before my Mom started her successful career in banking, she operated a home based esthetician business ‘Elegant Touches’. So many memories from my adolescence are playing in her studio, and being curious about her customers, operations and products (the wax!). I had the most fun when she would let me use her expired credit card to play store with, give me a mani/pedi or let me help choose the new additions to her small but mighty OPI nail polish collection.

That business of hers inspires me to this day to create a fun and fulfilling home business life for myself, along with the help of her current expertise on financial planning and growth. I am one lucky daughter to have her as my Mama and am looking forward to our next big adventure together.


There is another Mom that I seek loving energy from daily, and that is my late Mother-In-Law, Lisa. I miss her, and it’s hard to accept that I will not get to see her again. Since the beginning of mine and Kyle’s relationship, I looked forward to having Lisa as a Mother-In-Law and Grandma to our children one day. I know she did too. She was beautiful, funny, adventurous and unapologetic. When I would walk through her front door, she would greet me with a smile and hug so big, it would fill me up with enough love to last a lifetime. Am I ever grateful for those precious moments now.

With our relatively small amount of time together, she managed to have a huge impact on the woman I am and how I see the world. I let her love for restoring antiques, getting creative and helping others in need influence better decision making for myself today. Her struggles with mental health showed me how real and raw motherhood can be, and that it is absolutely necessary to ask for help when you need it. From her experience navigating through grief as a bereaved mother, adjusting to single parenting, and dealing with anxiety and depression; it’s made me strive to be more supportive, caring and compassionate towards others.

It's difficult to describe the impact Lisa has made on me, as her presence and absence has done so much. However, I do know that the most incredible thing she has done for me, is raise a man who knows how to deeply love and care for a woman. So, thank you for that Lisa.


If you are like me and missing your Mom(s) today and everyday, know that no matter where they are, there are ways to keep them close enough to your heart to feel their comfort.

Here’s to you Mama’s, for your everlasting love.

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