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Summer Wrap Up

A summer like never before that’s for sure. I felt a lot of grief over the past few months, mostly from recent loss and how my time was going to be spent totally different than how I envisioned it. Then again, most things end up being different than our initial expectations anyways, so I accepted it and made sure It was a meaningful summer. I recognized how important it is to tend to the present moment and appreciate life for what it is, not for what you thought it might be.

I spent a lot of time by myself this summer, my Fiancé Kyle was away in July for work & honestly, it was tough - but wonderful at the same time. I know these peaceful summers alone wont be the case forever, so I really did enjoy it fiercely.

I had some wonderful hang outs with friends, wholesome visits with the neighbours, spent time in the garden almost every day, observed the flowers, picked wild berries, made bouquets and the most fulfilling of all - I baked! I made the most beautiful and delicious baked goods I’ve ever made before. I truly put all my love and attention into my creative work this summer, especially for my pop-up shops, custom orders & content creation.

I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 12 Pro which has really improved the digital side of my business. I got to spend time connecting with my online community more than ever before… thanks to you I felt supported, loved and in good company no matter what. Getting to see you all at pop-up shops, during pick up or delivery, around

town, in the DM‘s, or even on FaceTime has sure been a highlight of my summer!

I had the pleasure of working with a few other small businesses over the past few months - one being the admirable Lupin Dining in Musquodoboit Harbour. I helped create content for the farm to table restaurant that opened this summer on the Eastern Shore. It was an awesome opportunity for me to develop my skills as a content creator and food industry expert. You MUST check out Lupin Dining - I can guarantee it will be a memorable dining experience.

I recognized I needed support in my own business to manage the tasks I had at hand, so I started working with Selena Njegovan Virtual Solutions, a Manitoba based business. Over the past few weeks, Selena has helped me set realistic goals & provides support to build my business to the best of its potential. I am happy to be continuing with her throughout the fall months! We have some valuable projects in the works for JB.

An exciting & creative project I’ve had on the go is with Pink Grasshopper Studios, designing Just Baked Apparel! It was time to get my beautifully designed logo by Krista herself, on some clothing for my community to wear: Just Baked Crew Neck Sweatshirts will be launching this Fall - I pick them up this week and cannot even wait to show you, and eventually see you wear it!

I was lucky enough to host a few pop up shops this summer - the first one took place at the iconic Biscuit General Store on Argyle Street for Open City Halifax. it was so much fun being in Downtown Halifax interacting with people again after spring lockdown, especially in such a unique shop.

The one and only Curio Collective Vintage Show took place I mid July - my Mom was here for this event and as you can imagine, we had the best time together. She got to meet so many of you, and see me in my element which was all I could ask for!

I recently set up at The Tare Shop in late August for a Summer Series Pop Up - I made some delicious flavours of Macarons, Cupcakes and Cookie Sandwiches to share with you, which you purchased package free! It was a beautiful day on Portland Street and I cannot wait to be back - hopefully this fall!

I anticipated that this summer was going to be surrounded by family in my hometown of Beausejour, Manitoba. I thought I was going to get to marry my Fiancé Kyle, have the wedding of our dreams, and be present with my people for other important life events. It went totally different - but am still feeling fulfilled in many different ways.

Instead I got to work on my business and get to know myself better - I spent time figuring out what I’m good at, what I like and what I want to do with my time & energy. I became my own best friend and strengthened my relationships with others through honest, meaningful connection - whether that be virtually or in person. I took time to find inspiration from within and from the environment around me. I feel connected to myself and my purpose which is very fulfilling for me.

Overall, it was a great summer - one of the most beautiful I’ve ever experienced. I missed my family and hometown but I expressed my love for those through my creations and just enjoyed the time being for all that it is. So I am grateful for that. I also feel your support through everything I share and appreciate that so much.

Thank you for being here with me & supporting me through this journey. I am loving this transition into fall - the cool air and change of pace is something I am enjoying adapting to. What a perfect time to get cozy and creative!

Take care this season - I look forward to connecting soon,



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